Watch Webinar – Short line railroads, virtual training tech, CYD case study

Watch this webinar to see how short lines like Conrad Yelvington are deploying PC/Tablet-based 3D interactive simulations to train and evaluate employees on critical procedures like locomotive and freight car air brake testing (FRA approved).

Harley Goodnoe, Director of Rail Operations at Conrad Yelvington, joined Jess Cloutier-Carneiro and Brian Keller, former Director at Amtrak, to explain why “these Sims are used in every class for Conductors, Engineers, & Mechanics, and new hires are leaving training with better experience!”

What followed was an insightful discussion on CYD’s rail program, their training department, and Harley’s journey to find a better solution than in-class powerpoint training.

Some interesting snippets from the Q+A include:

“What challenges lead you and CYD to explore alternative training options?

“How have you dealt with employees that are technologically challenged or who have difficulty with computers?”

“How are your senior employees accepting the training method?”

Watch the video here:

Heartwood’s Simulations and Training Guides allow practice on a variety of defect-based scenarios that are difficult to stage on actual rolling stock – making employees proficient in critical regulatory tasks like Air Brake Tests, Pre-Departure Inspections, and Locomotive Daily Inspections.

There is so much more behind those benefits. Join Harley (CYD) and Brian Keller & Jess Cloutier-Carneiro (Heartwood) live on air, as they breakdown:

✔️ CFR Part 243 training simulations — easy to use, how to implement.

✔️ How CYD trains it’s employees with Sims — obstacles faced, benefits reaped.

✔️ Direct questions (and concerns) from you and other short line railroaders.

✔️ Overview of new license pricing with smaller railroads in mind.

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