Watch Webinar: Improve Railroad Maintenance & Compliance Training via 3D Sims

Webinar – Improve Railroad Maintenance Efficiency & Streamline Compliance Training via 3D Simulations

Watch this webinar to see how railroads are deploying PC/Tablet-based 3D interactive simulations to train and evaluate employees on critical procedures like locomotive and freight car air brake testing (FRA approved).

Why is this important?
Training costs for meeting railroad industry regulations might be concerning you. It was for Norfolk Southern, BNSF and CSX, leading them to deploy virtual training simulations.

Dominik Browne (Dir. Training and Development at Norfolk Southern) and Heartwood’s management team will be sharing:
•  How simulations are reducing costs and scaling training for conductors and mechanics.
•  Today’s workforce expect to learn differently  – how visual and interactive technology is changing knowledge transfer efficiency.
•  A growing catalog of portable and scalable simulations (Air Brake Test, Pre-Departure Inspection, Locomotive Daily Inspection & more) to satisfy federal training regulations like CFR-243 is available for YOUR team to license.

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