Rail Tech Talk – Duetsche Bahn, Network Rail deploy Virtual Training

Welcome to our recurring post, Rail Tech Talk, highlighting how technology is helping the Rail Industry move forward.

German Railway Company Makes Mixed Reality App for Maintenance Personnel
Recognizing the need for specialized expertise in rapidly evolving railway technologies, Duetsche Bahn AG is seeking a combo virtual and augmented reality training solution. And they’ve directed a EUR €4 million budget for the development this mixed reality application to train maintenance personnel.

And as an early adopter in the simulation training space, they already have EVE (engaging virtual education) on hand. This immersive technology helps employees “complete complex work processes reliably.” Notably, the basic functionality can be expanded as new trainings are required, offering a cost savings that’s as novel as the technology itself. With so many complex work processes out there that require training, and limited “in person” availability, this option will certainly be the training mode of the future for any enterprise.


Network Rail Adopting Extended Reality Training
With in-person, traditional training as the norm, Network Rail realized its “current approach is time consuming and places trainee and instructors’ safety at risk. Furthermore, reassessment of competency is difficult to undertake, and competency can only be tested in situations where it is safe to do so.” Therefore, they’ve undertaken an effort to “identify a solution to enable a more cost effective and safe way of training and assessing competence.”

“Extended Reality” is the solution they’ve settled on to help them not only achieve, but exceed each of these goals. They put a call out in March of this year for organizations to create virtual simulations that reflect their training requirements. Watch for more industries to be doing the same very soon!


Be sure to check out our Rail Virtual Training Solutions to see why BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, UP and KCS partnered with Heartwood to deploy a variety of inspection simulations, trainings and guides. And if you have any questions about these technologies, please reach out!

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