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Why Use Virtual Training Simulations

Efficient, proper training on workplace safety is time and money well spent — resulting in fewer injuries, better morale, and more protection for your workers and business. However, an OSHA training program is only as effective as the training method.

How can you be sure that your training program is safe, and worth your investment?

Heartwood’s Virtual Training Simulations allow employees to learn, master and practice critical tasks – in a controllable, safe, repetitive environment – before performing them in high-risk settings. Users interact with virtual equipment and it’s components — providing active learning opportunities that can be scaled across your workforce.


Traditional courseware for Operations, Maintenance & Safety is mostly passive, not allowing for individual ‘practice’. Employees do not have the opportunity to explore procedures, as they do in live training sessions — which are expensive, hard to schedule and not scalable.

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce the travel costs, facility expense, and instructor fees associated with live training and support. Save on Subject Matter Expert (SME) travel and equipment shipment costs to and from each location. Train distributed workforces to perform complex tasks with less risk to staff or equipment – anytime, anywhere.

Accelerate Skill Level

Proficiency is attained through ordinary practice, done consistently. Unliked Videos, images and Powerpoints, virtual training turns passive observers into active, hands-on participants! Instructional information is displayed as 3D interactive content that mirrors the real world. Simply put, this means it looks like the real thing, and acts like it.

Portable. Scalable. Modular.

Unchain your workforce from the limitation of travel, aligning schedules and training in batches. Effective job training and field support allows technicians to access visual instruction and learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere

Deployments include:
Laptop/PCs — Mobile & Tablet — Web browsers — VR/AR


Heartwood’s training simulation – the Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) 29 CFR 1910.147 OSHA Safety Simulation — effectively instructs employees to know, understand, and follow hazardous energy control procedures.

This application trains your employees in a trade such as electrical or mechanical, on performing a LOTO procedure to OSHA standards. The interactive simulation allows your workforce to practice Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) procedures in a safe, effective and scalable manner. This can be used in a classroom (instructor-led) or self-paced on a device (Web, Mobile, PC) anytime, anywhere.

Why is active, virtual LOTO training important?

Practice in a safe, accessible environment
Students can interact with large equipment directly in a 1-to-1, controlled environment. All-device implementation allows the student to actually practice LOTO scenarios, safely and at their own pace.

Pre-built training procedures
The procedure can be practiced on four types of hazardous energy – Chemical, Electrical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic.

Building muscle memory and strengthening routine
Active experience-based learning means that your student will meet and exceed LOTO standards having built a routine-based memory.

Three active learning components

Instructional Lesson
The step-by-step instructional lesson covers hazardous, active, and stored energy as well as energy control programs and special situations.

Practical Lesson
The active learning practical lesson requires the trainee to perform the LOTO procedure on four specific types of hazardous energy: Chemical — Electrical — Hydraulic — Pneumatic

The trainee is then given an exam on the material covered in the course. Instructors are given immediate access to graded scores, with learning gaps easily identifiable.

Why it Matters

The Lockout Tagout OSHA simulation was developed with safety experts to improve access to real-life, scenario-based training. This program amplifies the real training experience, digitally immersing the student directly in the environment as if it were a real task.

With the LOTO training sim, you will be able to:

  • Enable on-demand training to frontline workers at scale
  • Capture expertise and improve skill transfer
  • Attract and retain the younger generation.
  • Improve productivity, safety, and compliance.


Price: $49 to $199 per employee annually, depending on number of users (minimum required).


If your employees need to train on specific equipment, the LOTO sim can be customized to include 3D models, scenarios, and tasks related to your specific production line.


“The Pandemic presented a new normal of restricted travel and in-person classroom time. The LOTO virtual training really saved the day!”

– Sr. EHS Manager, PepsiCo

“Our internal testing group gave this 4 out of 5 stars”

– Training Dir., Amtrak

“Before using the LOTO Sim, training PowerPoints had employees grappling with concepts. Now we use the simulation to onboard new hires (12 a week initially), which is very useful since the software allows them to actually do it. They now understand the importance of Lockout-Tagout! Hires from other companies and mills are surprised that they never had access to this kind of interactive training before”

– Safety Training Coordinator, St. Croix Tissue


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