Tetra Pak Trains Faster, Smarter with ‘Learn by Doing’ Apps.

Traditional eLearning and training courses for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) are mostly passive, not allowing for ‘student practice’. There is a lot of showing, but not much doing. Trainees do not have the opportunity to perform the procedures, as in a live training session. Live sessions on the other hand, are expensive, hard to schedule and not scalable.

Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training empowers students to practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘learn by doing’ anytime, anywhere. This in turn, allows companies like Tetra Pak to reduce training costs, accelerate employee learning and decrease expensive live training – by being Visual, Interactive and Portable.

PROBLEM: Tetra Pak’s customers train, on average, 600 line operators annually. The customer equipment is fully utilized for processing and packaging product while line operators are too busy working the equipment to practice and reinforce learning during production runs.

SOLUTION: Develop a 3D interactive training application that does not require use of expensive backup equipment or live training. The training will be used at Global Training Centers and can be sold to Tetra Pak’s customers, creating additional revenue.

RESULTS: Line operators have endorsed this method of training, upper management including the CEO are behind it and most importantly, Tetra Pak’s customers are requesting that the new training be deployed in their facility right away.

BENEFITS: From the users’ perspective, the 3D interactive application allows technicians to actually practice the procedures and learn anytime, anywhere – without being in front of the equipment. From Tetra Pak’s perspective, the marginal cost of training another set of students is practically zero (vs. costly inconvenient live training on production machines).

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