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Lockout-Tagout (LOTO): The goal of this application is to train new and return trainees, in a trade such as electrical or mechanical, on performing a LOTO procedure to OSHA standards.

  1. The instructional lesson covers hazardous, active, and stored energy as well as energy control programs and special situations.
  2. The practical lesson requires the trainee to perform the LOTO procedure on four specific types of hazardous energy; chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic.
  3. The trainee is then given an exam on the material covered in the course.

Before using the LOTO Sim, training PowerPoints had employees grappling with concepts. Now we use the simulation to onboard new hires (12 a week initially), which is very useful since the software allows them to actually do it. They now understand the importance of Lockout-Tagout! Hires from other companies and mills are surprised that they never had access to this kind of interactive training before
– K. Worden, Safety Training Coordinator, St. Croix Tissue

Download as PDF here.

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Price – $19,900 Company/Organization-wide License (Unlimited Devices, Unlimited users; includes Windows PC application and deployment cost). Customization for additional or unique scenarios is priced on a Time & Material (T&M) basis.

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